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The History of the Workshop


David Klenk, Furniture is a great little business with deep roots and a bright future. Located in the beautiful lakes district of Maine, David works in buildings that are over two hundred years old. Exposed beams, hewn from local timber, sit on granite foundation stones and support hand troweled plaster walls of the shop and showroom where David has made furniture for over twenty years.


The furniture is as authentic as the buildings. David uses solid wood, often cherry, to make furniture that is refined, classical, and polished. The products are sold through David's website and internet platforms such as Amazon handmade, ArtfulHome, CustomMade.com, Etsy, Houzz, and others. 



Monday - Friday

8 AM - 4:30 PM

And by appointment.

David Klenk, Furniture

300 West Gray Road

Gray, ME 04039


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